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We pride ourselves in being the only facility in Texas to service the public with the RLT Vet Soft Tissue Medical Device!


Equicare is a state of the art equine rehabilitation center that offers unparalleled horse care and customer service. Equicare has the knowledge and tools to achieve the best possible outcomes when bringing an athlete back from injury by combining experience and education with the most recent research in the field of equine rehabilitation. We work with the veterinarian and the horse owner to tailor a program for each individual horse with the goal in mind for every horse to return to its full athletic potential.



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In November 2014 a barrel racing futurity star owned by Kenny Nichols by the name of KN Fabs Gift of Fame(J-Lo) sustained a tear to the deep digital flexor tendon of the left front leg in an unusual location at the back of the knee. An MRI performed by Animal Imaging in Las Colinas found the lesion. Dr Janicek of Brazos Valley Equine Hospital initially worked up the mare and after consultation with Dr Whitaker decided the best course of treatment given the unique nature of the injury would be to inject the lesion/carpal sheath with PRP and refer her to Equicare for treatment with the RLT Vet Soft Tissue Medical Device. J-Lo was very lame when she first arrived at Equicare but responded quickly to treatment with the Cold Salt Water Spa and RLT Vet Medical Device. Her progress was followed weekly by Dr Whitaker at Equicare and as she improved she was started on the underwater treadmill. J-Lo received 30 soft tissue treatments and the results were evident when a follow up MRI showed complete healing of the tendon 4 months after the injury occurred. J-Lo is one of many success stories that show what a comprehensive rehabilitation program by Equicare can accomplish.



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