• We start with a diagnosis from your veterinarian. Based on your veterinarian’s recommendations and your goals for the horse with will customize a rehabilitation plan utilizing the best available therapies. We have a Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner available to consult on cases and help develop a rehab plan. We are always happy to modify plans to fit your budget.
  • During the rehabilitation process your horse will receive weekly assessments by a Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner and changes can be made to the program as needed according to how your horse is responding.
  • You will receive updates on your horse weekly and your veterinarian will be updated weekly as well.
  • Once your horse is healed, we can put it on a conditioning program to get it back in competition shape while minimizing stress on its joints and soft tissues.

Our goal is to send your horse home sound and ready to compete. We can develop a “take home” plan with your veterinarian to keep your horse operating on all cylinders.


kid hand caressing horse close up

  • We are available for haul in or boarded conditioning. A comprehensive conditioning program can be tailored to your horse’s fitness level and job. Whether you need to build muscle, increase cardiovascular performance, maintain top athletic condition, or decrease strain on your horse’s joints we can help your horse reach its full potential.
  • We have programs that do the following, heal from injuries, specializing in soft tissue injuries. We rehabilitate after the injury is healed back to competition. Our conditioning program literally works every muscle in the horses body, getting the athlete in the best possible condition to compete in his/her event.

Our Rehabilitation and conditioning programs are Certified through our Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner, Beau Whitaker, DVM, CERT