The RLT is a one of a kind pulsed high intensity soft tissue regenerative medical device that has shown remarkable healing of injured tissues. The device regenerates the soft tissue of Tendons, ligaments and cartladge filling in holes and lesions in as little as ten weeks and, reduces scar tissue, removes calcifications in tissues, decreases inflammation and pain, and greatly speeds the healing of wounds.


The Hydrohorse Hydrotherapy Underwater Treadmill combines the benefits of whirlpool, treadmill, and swimming while allowing the horse to use their natural gaits and body position. The constant 82 degree water takes up to 60 percent of the load off the limbs while providing a vigorous workout for the muscles and cardiovascular system provided by natural water resistance and water jets. This is very important for horses returning from injury or surgery and very beneficial for horses with arthritis or that just need a break from the daily wear and tear while maintaining or increasing their fitness.


The spa effectively treats tendon and ligament injuries, inflammation, arthritis, wound healing, muscle soreness, abscesses, and numerous other conditions. The spa is so effective due to a combination of the effects produced by the cold water, the unique salt combination in the water, and the pressure exerted on tissue by the water pressure. Learn more about what the Nautilus Spa can do for your horse here.


The TheraPlate is a result of 30 years of research in whole body vibration technology to treat and prevent injuries in horses and humans. The TheraPlate is different from other vibration systems in that there is ZERO impact. This is important as it can safely treat injuries with no risk of aggravating or causing further injuries. This exciting technology is being used to effectively treat most injuries and is a great tool in maintaining bone density, muscle, and balance in stalled horses. To learn more about what the TheraPlate can do for your horse click here.


The Q-Line Horse Solarium uses infrared bulbs to deliver infrared rays to the muscles of the horse. This helps open blood vessels to allow horses to recover more quickly from workouts and to help prevent or treat muscle injuries.


The eight horse Priefert walker with six panel inserts nearly doubles the room for each horse allowing for low stress recovery. The programable control station enables us to adapt the recovery regiment to suit each horses needs.